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Submitting a Proposed Geographic Feature

Your proposal should be in the form of a writing in MS Word or other text that we can convert to Word.  It should include a general description  of the feature including its location, a time frame for its existence and an indication as to why it is important.  Perhaps most important are the historical references and other evidence of the location of the feature.  These should cite books and articles with author, title, place and date of publication and page numbers.  For any original source or reference that is not generally available an image of the source material should be included or attached.

Although Internet citations can be valuable, in light of the changeable nature of the web, a copy of the text from the web site should be included or attached and every effort should be made to locate and cite the original writings.

Maps, photographs  and other physical evidence should be attached as high resolution JPEG images.  Narratives of personal observation are most valuable and should be documented by photos and other corroborating evidence.


Reviewing a Submission

Each submission will be received and reviewed by the HMC corresponding secretary who will reply to the submitter to correct any obvious errors or omissions.  When these have been corrected the submission will be sent to the members of the HMC Board for review.

Each submission will be reviewed by the board, no matter the source.  Each  member of the Board will give their comments in writing regarding the suitability, appropriateness, accuracy and verifiability of the submission.  The board members, individually or together, may communicate with the submitter to request specific additional information and sources.

Approving or Rejecting a Submission

When these reviews are completed the board will vote to accept or reject the submission.  A rejected submission will be returned to the submitter with comments on additional information required for resubmission.  A submission can be accepted as being complete and correct.  In some cases it may be accepted as being partial and not confirmed, with the idea that this geographic feature might be confirmed by other discoveries and resubmitted for complete acceptance.


Entering a Submission to the Historic Mapping Congress Database

Once a submission has been approved it will be entered into the database by the administrator.  It will be available on the website and displayed on appropriate maps on that web site.  Information on the submitter will be included unless the submitter wishes to remain anonymous.  The complete proof and evidence will be available on the web site.  These data points will be maintained on the web site in a fully downloadable form so that future submitters may use them in their research.  From time to time the webmaster or administrator will make an announcement to the membership concerning new accepted submissions.

Click on the Mapstoria logo and scroll down to enter submissions: 

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